The Macedonian Tendency: Samantha Power - One More Time

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Samantha Power - One More Time

Dear Samantha Power
From: David Edenden

I just read your article (below) about the the Armenian genocide resolution of the US Congress. To those who say that the killing of the Armenians by the "Young Turks" in 1915 does not rise to the level of a genocide, then they have stripped the word "genocide" of all its' meaning.

I know I am getting repetitive, but what about the plight of ethnic Macedonians in Greece. The US Congress, Barack Obama, and yourself have taken an anti-Macedonian stance that is akin to supporting cultural genocide. I am not impressed.

Greece's values regarding minority rights are EU values; are Nato values; are US values; are "Greek Issues Caucus" values; are Senator Barack Obama values; and finally are your values. I am not impressed.

To think that the US Congress, will provide some moral authority on "genocide issues" is nonsense since it responds only to political lobbying (as you correctly note), not sober solomonic like reflection. I am not impressed.

In this case, they have may determine that Armenians should get the elevator while the Turks get the shaft. In the past with regard to Kurdish rights in Turkey, the Turks get the elevator while the Kurds get the shaft. Go figure.

Samantha, honesty is the best policy, let have a little from Obama and from you!

The U.S. and Turkey: Honesty Is the Best Policy
Samantha Power, time Magazine, Oct 18, 2007

Ninety-two years ago, the "Young Turk" regime ordered the executions of Armenian civic leaders and intellectuals, and Turkish soldiers and militia forced the Armenian population to march into the desert, where more than a million died by bayonet or starvation
But this month in Washington these historical truths — about events carried out on another continent, in another century — are igniting controversy among politicians as if the harms were unsubstantiated, local and recent. At stake, of course, is the question of whether the U.S. House of Representatives should offend Turkey by passing a resolution condemning the "Armenian genocide" of 1915.
While it is essential to ensure that Turkey continues to "treat the Americans all right," a stable, fruitful, 21st century relationship cannot be built on a lie.

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