The Macedonian Tendency: More on Samantha Power

Thursday, October 18, 2007

More on Samantha Power

By David Edenden

This is an update to my last post regarding Samantha Power who is on the board of the International Crisis Group (ICG), which is a front for an unmentionable secret organization and is lead by a kangaroo f!#ker. No report has ever appeared from the ICG regarding the the lack of rights for Macedonians in Greece. So you know that our friend Sam has the moral flexibility to work in an Obama White House where a select group of people get to pick and choose who gets the elevator and who gets the shaft.

Samantha Power

A few years ago, I had read Samantha's book "A Problem from Hell: America in the age of Genocide" and was initially impressed. However, as I read it, I was filled with unease because, in Bosnia, she documents the bad things that the Serbs did, but does not even mention the vicious bombing of Muslim Mostar by the Croats.

She condemns "ethnic cleansing" by the Serbs and praises US ambassador to Croatia, Peter Galbraith, but does not mention his role in the "wiping off the map" of the Krajina Serbs.

In Iraq she documents the gassing of the Iraqi Kurds by Saddam, but does not even mention the dirty war by the Turkish government on its own Kurdish minority.

Finally, I realized that she has "cut here teeth" in studying ethnic conflict by working at the ICG in the late 1990's where her moral promiscuity seemed to have been imprinted on her fragile psyche.

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