The Macedonian Tendency: Robert Redford: Listen Up!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Robert Redford: Listen Up!

By David Edenden

I have a pitch for you.

Think "The Candidate", only this time, he is an African American, not running for the Senate, but he is running for President! His motto is "A Different Kind Of Politics".

Robert Redford (The Candidate) Father Tsarknias Senator Barack Obama

The twist is that he is not a naive idealistic amateur, but a seasoned experienced political pro who is willing to "wheel and deal" all the while presenting a fresh face to tired politics.

Robert, you know the scene where your character, McKay, is meeting in a hotel room with the leader of the Teamsters to try to get their support for his candidacy, this time "the candidate" meets with the leaders of the "Greek Lobby". In your film, McKay makes a sarcastic comment about the Teamsters role in trying to break Cezar Chavez's "Farm Workers Union", but he still appears with them at a rally that night.

This time, "the candidate" would be briefed by his staff on the Macedonian Greek dispute. He commiserates with the Greeks as to how a low class people with no language, no culture and no history, (sounds like you know what) ... the so called "Macedonians" can steal Greek symbols. He would be glad to adopt the Greek position as his own. He has no problems as to how "these people" are treated in Greece. He would repeal recognition of Macedonia and revert to FYROM and in solidarity with Greece, he would investigate the possibility of banning the Macedonian Orthodox Church in the US until it changes its name to the FYROMIAN Orthodox Church. He agrees with the Greeks that the "so called Macedonian human rights activist, Father Tsarknias, a fraud! Plus he is sure he can get the US census to change the ethnic description of Macedonians to FYROMIANS.

Finally. he would appreciate a substantial donation to his campaign!

Anyway, I'm just throwing out ideas, don't be a stranger!

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