The Macedonian Tendency: Debra Cagan's "Faux Pas" Helps Macedonia

Monday, October 01, 2007

Debra Cagan's "Faux Pas" Helps Macedonia

By David Edenden

A minor controversy regarding statements made by Debra Cagan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs (here) (here) has helped publicized Macedonia's assistance to the US in its War on Terror in Iraq. (here). Greece has decided to skip this war, which helped Macedonia gain recognition from the US (here).

Thirty percent of visits to this site, for the last two days, has come from searches for "Debra Cagan". With the exception of "Wonkette", this minor controversy has managed to evade the main stream media.


  1. David,
    you mentioned this in commenting on my most recent appearance -- .

    Hafta say, I've known Debra Cagan since I was an intern, and I think what this means is a) Debra still can't keep her feet out of her mouth and b) mere personal foolishness gets amplified when you have an administration that people suspect really believe this stuff. So I'm not sure I think it's worth days of ink being spilled by all.

  2. Actually, I really agree that spending time on a "faux pas" is a waste of time. I was just wondering why that the shallow cable news media is not covering it since it is easy target.

    I have been know to put my foot in my mouth on occasion, so I actually sympathize with Debra.