The Macedonian Tendency: Putin: One More Time

Friday, October 19, 2007

Putin: One More Time

By David Edenden

Putin should come to Ohrid to meet with the presidents of Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Republica Srpska. He should bring Solzhenitsyn and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. The can have a nice dinner of bop, luti piperki and cerenje.
Kosovo Serbs Put their Hopes in Russia - and Putin

Putin's popularity has shot up in northern Mitrovica, after earlier this year Russia, Serbia's ally, torpedoed a UN resolution that envisaged internationally-monitored independence for Kosovo, Serbia's UN-administered province.

"I hope Putin and Russia will help us and won't leave us in the lurch," Radenkovic says, adding that the outcome of a new phase of talks on Kosovo's future, currently being held under the auspices of the EU, Russia and the US, now depends on the Kremlin.

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