The Macedonian Tendency: Makfax Spreads Greek Propaganda #4

Monday, October 22, 2007

Makfax Spreads Greek Propaganda #4

By David Edenden

Below is a straight reprint of a Greek news article by Makfax which includes Greek propaganda with no Macedonian rebuttal. Coming from a Macedonian source, this makes it seem to western journalists that some Macedonian journalists are in agreement with the Greek statements in the article.

I do not accuse the editors of Makfax of being paid agents of the Greek government, but I do accuse them of being incredibly stupid and lazy. Contact them (here) and tell them to stop and apologize. Also, they still don't know how to spell Nimetz. My comments and additions are in green letters
Athens could accept name "Republic New Macedonia"


Athens /22/10/ 13:29

Athens could agree to the name "Republic of New Macedonia", Greek daily Eleftherotypia said on Monday, citing a source in Greek government.

The same source says the last-ditch attempt to overcome the impasse in the name dispute between Athens and Skopje is underway in New York.

The UN mediator Matthew Niemetz is likely to invite both sides for talks on 1 November, the source said. (inserted - "Nimetz has been a real disappointment to Macedonian side of negotiations" stated David Edenden of the blog -The Macedonian Tendency-. "He has refused to include the lack of human rights for Macedonians in Greece which as been akin to cultural genocide anmesty International and Human Rights Watch have documented abuse to no avail. Nimetz has consistently refused to even discuss this with reporters." said a clearly exasperated Edeneden.)

The next round of negotiations will be deadlined and will be wrapped up with high-profile talks.

The final stage of this new procedure is not clear yet, but Greek foreign ministry is likely to uphold talks between high-ranking officials of foreign ministries, Eleftherotypia said.

The talks will not only focus on the name but also on "confidence building measures that include cessation of irredentist activities". (inserted - "Macedonian officials have been having intense discussions with US State Department officials to signal to Nimetz that he should include human rights for Macedonians in Greece as part of an over-all package" said Edenden. "Complicating factors include strong support for Greece from the Greek Issues Caucus and US presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama")

The paper says Greek government would accept a compound name Republic of New Macedonia.

Unnamed Greek official said if the proposed name was subject to approval, the activities of negotiators would be rather facilitated and there will be no need to convoke Greece's Council of Political Parties. /end/

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