The Macedonian Tendency: Oprah, Obama Will Disapoint You!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oprah, Obama Will Disapoint You!

To: Oprah Winfrey
From:David Edenden

Dear Oprah, like many men in your life, Obama will disappoint you ... because you see ... he is not really promising a "new kind of politics", but he is a "business as usual" ... "pay to play" ... "pandering politician".

Obama has supported the Greek oppressor, in the Macedonia - Greek "name" dispute over the the right of ethnic Macedonians to determine their own ethnic identity. He has pandered to the Greek lobby for the purpose of gaining votes and donations at the expense of human rights.

The Greek position is that ethnic Macedonians have no culture, history,and language (a bunch of "n -words" you see).

They demand that ethnic Macedonians change the name of their Republic of Macedonia, their Macedonian language, their Macedonia Orthodox Church. Finally, they are demanding that the Macedonian government change Macedonian history.

The Greek government has denied their ethnic Macedonian minority the right to schooling in their own language, radio and TV programs and even the right to sing songs in the Macedonian language at weddings. Finally, they deny importation of Macedonian language text books.

Obama has enthusiastically adopted the Greek position as his own ... because Greek voters outnumber Macedonian voters 10 to 1 (on the advice of the saintly Samantha Power).

Oprah, hear the Macedonian cry!

Oprah, be on the side of the angels. At least do a show on the plight of the Macedonians in Greece as part of your reparations for supporting Obama for president.

Many groups have worked for human rights for Macedonians in Greece including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, The US State Department on Human Rights, and the European Free Alliance political party, with the "Rainbow Party" as its Macedonian affiliate in Greece.

Invite these people and then invite Obama as a "surprise guest" so he can kneel down and apologize for supporting Greek racism against the helpless ethnic Macedonian minority in Greece.

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  2. Macedonians are same as Albanians garbage. Ellas forever