The Macedonian Tendency: Vecher (Tonight): Obama against Macedonia

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Vecher (Tonight): Obama against Macedonia

The democrat Barack Obama against Macedonia
Obama and Greek friends vs. Policard alias Jimmy
Vecher (Tonight) Published on 20.12.2007

Greece reacted harshly on the Turkish support for accession of Macedonia in NATO under its constitutional name; transmit the media in Athens after the meeting of Gruevski and ErdoĆ°an.

The Greek lobby in the American policy, this time lead by the influential Presidential candidate Barack Obama, continues to push the initiative in the Senate about stopping the state propaganda of FYROM which threatens Greece!

Similar initiative of the Hellenic block which asks Macedonia to give up the long propaganda against Greece encountered to strong support in the Congress. Over 100 congressmen (almost ¼ of the total number in the Representative House) have supported the proposal, and the number is not yet final. Obama and his Greek friends are calling on TV reports which show that Macedonian students are learning that certain parts from Greece should belong to Macedonia, also the maps from the Macedonian Military Academy which are representing Great Macedonia are pointed out, and it is also claimed that after the World War 2, the idea of the Macedonian nation has caused murder of thousand Greeks.

The proposal asks the UN to prescribe to Macedonia to immediately stop with the anti-Greek propaganda sponsored by the state and to find name which will be acceptable for Greece.
The experts say that this will be on the agenda of the Senate very soon, immediately after voting the initiative “Iraq to the Iraqi”. This official policy of the Presidential candidate Obama stands opposite the efforts of the Nigerian, Simon Policard, who lives in Macedonia for 30 years and has Macedonian citizenship. He recently announced that he will start an offensive campaign of lobbying for Macedonia throughout the world.

- The Macedonian people, culture, antic nation, are an acquisition for the entire mankind and they exist. The International community should be reminded of what happened in Bucharest in 1913, when the neighbors have executed genocide over the Macedonian nation, recommended Policard, alias Jimmy.

List of influential Americans against Macedonia!

On the list of influential political figures who are pushing the initiative contra FYROM are:

1. Barack Obama (Presidential candidate and most influential Senator for European Issues, President of the House Committee on International Relations);

2. Bob Menendez- Senator;

3. Olympia Snowe – Senator;

4. Robert Wexler and Elton Gallegly, Carolyn Maloney and Gus Bilirakis – Congressmen;

5. Andrew A. Athens – President of the National Coordinated Effort of Hellenes (CEH) and of United Hellenic American Congress, honorary President of World Council of Hellenes Abroad (CAE);

6. Andrew E. Manatos, President of National Coordinated Effort of Hellenes;

7. Philip Christopher, vice President of National Coordinated Effort of Hellenes (CEH), President of International Coordinating Committee-Justice for Cyprus (PSEKA), and of Pancyprian Association of America;

8. Panicos Papanicolaqu, President of Cyprus Federation of America and

9. Nikos Mouyiaris, executive vice President of Pancyprian Association of America.


  1. That just shows that Obama doesn't know what he's talking about. The only one that broke the temporary agreement is Greece by claiming their right to veto Macedonia's membership in NATO. While the agreement strictly says that Greece shouldn't stop Macedonia to join any international organization under FYROM.
    I guess that's how much Obama worths. A few greek votes. It's shameful.

  2. it's obvious that if Obama manages to make it as a president, the Greeks will have it their way...

  3. Obama is a dumb arse who doesn't care about the facts & would probably sell his own mother for a handfull of votes.Macedonia should hold steadfast the truth is on their side.It's sad but true there's politicions in macedonia who advocate compromise.Why is the name an issue now when it hasn't been an issue for 17 years.Why because the greek govt does'nt want the world to know the truth.The truth is the greeks have nothing to do with another race of people.The greeks are greek & are not macedonian.They don't want the world to know what happened in 1912
    when they forcibly acquired macedonia territorries & committed acts of genoside.