The Macedonian Tendency: Thnos: Glass is Half Empty on US Greek Ties

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thnos: Glass is Half Empty on US Greek Ties

By David Edenden

It is nice to know that the Greek newspapers (in this case "Ethnos") see Macedonia in having an advantage on the name issue. I see their point, but it is always possible that the fix is in and Macedonia can be betrayed at the drop of a hat. Macedonians everywhere, put your thinking caps on and watch your back!

Crisis deepens in Greek-American ties
The independent news agency Makfax:
Athens, 12:50

Macedonia's name has turned into 'open wound' for Greek-American relations at times when Athens and Washington disagree on other issues, Greek daily Ethnos said on Monday.

Besides name dispute, Ethnos daily brings up the Cyprus issue. Amid an apparent lack of Washington's support, Greece mustered Moscow's backing, the paper said.

The paper says an example of deteriorated relations is the fact that US Deputy Assistant Secretary John Negroponte and Assistant Secretary Daniel Fried had reassured the Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Miloshoski that name dispute cannot hamper Macedonia's NATO entry.

A confirmation of the crisis in Greek-American relations is the refusal by US authorities to invite Greek President Karolos Papoulias, particularly given the fact that such an invitation has been already extended to Turkish President Abdullah"

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