The Macedonian Tendency: Guidebook on Minorities and Education in Southeastern Europe - Edited by Florian Bieber

Friday, December 14, 2007

Guidebook on Minorities and Education in Southeastern Europe - Edited by Florian Bieber

By David Edenden

Greece is the inspiration for every racist, every fascist, every ethnic cleanser in the Balkans, so you may expect that this guide by Florian Bieber, University of Kent, Canterbury, would include a hard hitting indictment of Greece's minority education policies for its ethnic Macedonian, Turkish, Albanian, Vlach or Roma minorities.

You could realistically expect this ... but you would be WRONG!!!!!

I am not hear to make any "wild-paranoid-Balkan-type-hysterical accusations", but I do suggest that some cool headed, western journalist or some logical academic type, with ice water running through their vains, write a learned impartial thesis about why Greece was excluded from this report since Greece is part of Southeast Europe and a full fledged member of "the west" (NATO, EU, OECD, OSCE, ... CRAP).

Lets not forget that Greece's values regarding minority language rights are also EU and Nato values and can provide a inspirational model for the rest of Southeast Europe.

balkans : Message: New Publication: Guidebook on Minorities and Education in Southeastern Europe:

The first guidebook on minorities and education in Southeast Europe just released

This guide is a first port of call for NGOs and others (CIA perhaps?) working in the field of minority education in SEE. It contains an overview of existing international standards, regional experience (but not Greece) in the field of education in legislative and practical terms.

Education for minorities is not separate from broader educational reform in South-East Europe. Minority education cannot be effective without a paradigm shift (say what???) in mainstream education.

Only an education system which values diversity (like Greece per chance?) and promotes tolerance (Greece? ... are you shitting me?) can effectively provide a learning environment for minorities. This is one of the messages carried by the "Guide to Minorities and Education, Foundation of Stable relations in the region ", which has been jointly published by the King Baudouin Foundation (is he a fan of "Greek" Culture?) and Civic Initiatives.\

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