The Macedonian Tendency: "Shadows" Macedonia's Oscar nominee

Monday, December 31, 2007

"Shadows" Macedonia's Oscar nominee

"Shadows" set records, Macedonia's Oscar nominee
Macedonian_News_Service : Message: Daily Bulletin:

The world premiere of the latest film by famous Macedonian director Milco Mancevski titled "Shadows," was held at Toronto Film festival on September 9, and Macedonian premiere happened on November 2 at the Skopje’s Universal Hall. The hall was technically prepared for projection of the film with very expensive equipment and largest ever seen movie screen in Macedonia.

A record number of 50.000 people have seen the movie in six-weeks. The film is among 63 countries that submitted films for Oscar 2008 for foreign film nominees.

Milco Manchevski honorary ambassador of culture

Film director Milco Mancevski, awarded with the title Honorary Ambassador of Culture by the Macedonian Government for his contribution in affirming the Macedonian culture in the world.

The Government presented the title, being awarded for the first time ever. Mancevski will be honorary ambassador in New York, where he currently resides and works.

The Government also promoted several other famous Macedonian ambassador of culture - drama playwright Goran Stefanovski in London, the pianist Elena Misirkova – Loza in Vienna, singer Vlado Janevski in Zagreb, theatre director Ivan Popovski in Moscow and singer Zafir Hadzimanov in Belgrade.

An Ambassador of Culture has a diplomatic status and their engagement is on the voluntary basis without any compensation. Their noble and patriotic mission is promotion of the Macedonian culture to the world public.

By David Edenden

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