The Macedonian Tendency: Will the Macedonian-Greek Dust-Up Sink Barack Obama

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Will the Macedonian-Greek Dust-Up Sink Barack Obama

By David Edenden

Sooner or later the Greek lobby will be come knocking on the door of Senator Barack Obama for support for their position that ethnic Macedonians change the name of their country, the Republic of Macedonia, their Macedonian Orthodox Church, their Macedonian language, their history and finally to cease and desist in advocating for human rights for ethnic Macedonians living in Greece.

Loula Loi Alafoyiannis & Obama

How he deals with this issue may determine how the media treats his persona as a politician who is different; a politician who is offering hope and integrity for Americans.

Obama does' 't have that luxury to pander to the Greek lobby since, as a member of a racial minority that continues to face discrimination, you can't be seen as supporting discrimination of others. That's news - "thats man bites dog news", "thats democrat crosses picket line news", "thats republican ignores troops news".

I can see the right-wing smear machine proclaiming "Obama supports the cultural genocide of ethnic Macedonians in Greece!" Big news!

The "right wind smear machine" will be able to go into overdrive and "swift-boat" Obama on this issue because President Bush has taken a position on principle (maybe accidentally or maybe not.). He has recognized "The Republic of Macedonia" rather than the name "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) that the was forced upon Macedonia as a deal to get into the UN. The "smear machine" will slice and dice Obama's position to destroy his reputation and subvert his credentials as one who is interested in decency and human rights. It will be on Fox, Rush Limbaugh, bloggers and along with radio and TV ads.

The liberal media will be hard pressed to come to his defense when this issue becomes headline news. That's the beauty of this type of smear ... its true! The pundits will say "what was Obama thinking" ... "he blew it on that one" ... "how will he get himself out of this jam".

I am not a fan of the politics of personal destruction ... but there you go.

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