The Macedonian Tendency: Update on "Mountain Men With Guns"

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Update on "Mountain Men With Guns"

Official Macedonian government line regarding the recent "Tanushevci" incident. All is well, time to go to sleep!


Skopje, June 11 (MIA) - Macedonian Interior Minister Ljubomir Mihajlovski stated Saturday that the found weapons in Tanushevci and the situation in the village of Kondovo do not mean destabilisation of the country.

"There are no claims of great destabilisation. The weapons in Tanushevci are found long time ago. The weapons are not surrendered, we have seized them in order to protect the local population and citizens in Macedonia," Mihajlovski said Saturday at the Day of Police Academy.

In regard to the events in Kosovo, Mihajlovski said that the police is monitoring the situation.

"The situation in Kondovo is being monitored. We have information what is happening there and we will act according to the law. I can not say any details in regard to the operation and information we have," Mihajlovski said.

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