The Macedonian Tendency: MPO Does Good, How Much Bad Have They Done?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

MPO Does Good, How Much Bad Have They Done?

It is my understanding that the MPO does not recognize the Macedonian language or the Macedonian nation. I believe that it supports the policy of the Bulgarian government that Macedonian is a dialect of Bulgarian and that if only Macedonians would study that language course called "Hooked on Bulgarian Phonics" then everything would be OK. I can only imagine how much damage the MPO has done to the cause of Macedonian recognition when they promote the concept that Macedonianism is an invention of Communist Tito. Ouch!

Illinois Legislature Adopts Resolution Supporting Republic of Macedonia: "Macedonian Patriotic Organization

May 23, 2003

Virginia Nizamoff Surso

Illinois Legislature Adopts Resolution Supporting the
Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonian People

Fort Wayne, Ind. - The Illinois State Senate today released a copy of Senate Resolution No. 0063 that supports the rights of the Macedonian people to speak their language, attend schools and churches offered in their language, practice their customs, call themselves Macedonians, and be granted all the civil and human rights required by international law.

'This historically significant resolution adopted by the Illinois State Senate reaffirms the sovereign rights of the Macedonian people in the Republic of Macedonia, many of which have come under attack from ethnic groups and other Balkan states,' said Chris Evanoff, president of the Macedonian Patriotic Organization (MPO), a nonprofit organization that supports the cultural and ethnic traditions of Macedonians throughout North America. Evanoff added that Illinois is home to thousands of Macedonian-Americans.

'Since the Republic of Macedonia peacefully gained its independence in 1991 from Yugoslavia, the Macedonian people have been under assault by its neighbors who have attempted to deny Macedonians their ethnic heritage, forbid them from using the Macedonian language, from practicing centuries-old customs and traditions and from flying the national flag as a symbol' Evanoff commented."

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