The Macedonian Tendency: Again, Mountain Men With Guns

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Again, Mountain Men With Guns

This incident seems to be a program to paralyze the Macedonian government. We will have to see if the American Ambassador allow the Macedonian police to take action.

A group of armed men held a four-member police patrol for several hours in the village of Kondovo outside the Macedonia capital Skopje on 5 June, dpa reported. Despite sporadic gunfire, nobody was wounded in the incident. The armed group was reportedly led by Agim Krasniqi, who admitted that he provoked the incident, the private A1 TV reported on 7 June. At the same time, Krasniqi refused to surrender to the authorities, saying he would not get a fair trial. The Interior Ministry declined to comment on the case. Krasniqi's group in effect occupied Kondovo in late 2004 for several weeks before it agreed to disarm following talks with the leaders of the two main ethnic Albanian parties. The group allegedly sought to protest what it called the slow implementation of the 2001 Ohrid peace agreement (see 'RFE/RL Newsline,' 15 and 20 December 2004, and 'RFE/RL Balkan Report,' 10 December 2004 and 14 January 2005). UB"

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