The Macedonian Tendency: MOYANA - Message from H.H. Archbishop Stefan

Friday, June 17, 2005

MOYANA - Message from H.H. Archbishop Stefan

A summary of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and its reasons for existence. Good article. Click on the link to read the whle article.

MOYANA - Message from H.H. Archbishop Stefan: "The Macedonian Orthodox Church is in line with the other Regional Orthodox Churches

The Orthodox Church is the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. However, in its administrative activities, the Church is divided into regional Orthodox Churches. Today, again, every regional Church, without exception, is based upon a national source, for people who have their own territory or sovereign and independent nation.

There isn’t a regional church that does not hold the name of the people it belongs to: The Albanian Church for the Albanians, the Bulgarian Church for the Bulgarians, the Greek Church for the Greeks, the Russian, Romanian, Polish, etc. for their own nations, not to mention the Serbian for the Serbs and Macedonian for the Macedonians.

Every regional Orthodox Church establishes its jurisdiction in the land and within the boarders of the nation in which it belongs. Our Macedonian Orthodox Church respects this principle. There has never been a continued or renewed ancient Church or a newly formed regional church without people gaining their own nation or freedom first!

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