The Macedonian Tendency: Heads Up Everyone

Friday, June 17, 2005

Heads Up Everyone

Below is a pile of nonsense from a Greek about the Greek-Macedonian dispute over the "name issue." I don't think Macedonians should engage in a point by point debate over their concerns. Politicians in the US and the EU already know that the Greek position is based on lies, but they continue to humour Greek public opinion because of geo-political concerns and pressure from the "Greek lobby." We have to concentrate on the recognition of the Macedonian minority in Greece and the right of the Republic of Macedonia to its own name. Using these two positions in the UE court system is the way to go. the crunch will come when the EU politicians try to impose a political settlement on Macedonia that ignores human rights concerns. The Bosnian Muslims were betrayed, so can the Macedonians. Heads up everyone.

Google Groups : "Failure of Greek Policy towards FYROM!

Greek policy towards FYROM despite some limited successes in the initial stages continues with its failure to produce the desired results and a resolution to this important issue. After 14 years of frustrating attempts
to resolve the matter, Greece continues with its diplomatic failure to produce a desired outcome! In fact, the only thing successfully produced is a huge rift or chasm between itself and its allies! "

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