The Macedonian Tendency: Pro-Serbian Priest Goes to Jail, Will Not Pass Go, Will Not Collect $200.00

Friday, June 24, 2005

Pro-Serbian Priest Goes to Jail, Will Not Pass Go, Will Not Collect $200.00

I really don't agree with putting this guy in prison, however, if it gives Macedonians the opportunity to discuss the harassment of Macedonians in Greece, then it will not be in vain. I predict the BBC will report on his case, but will ignore Tsarknias, Boulis etc.

MAKNWS-L Archives -- June 2005, week 4 (#5): "MILS NEWS Skopje June 24, 2005

COURT OF APPEAL CONFIRMED ZORAN VRANISKOVSKI'S PRISON SENTENCE The Court of Appeal in Bitola yesterday confirmed the 18 months prison sentence passed last year by the Primary Court to the demoted Bishop Jovan, Zoran Vraniskovski. Vraniskovski was sentenced to 18 moths imprisonment for inciting national, racial and religious hatred, schism and intolerance. The verdict passed by the Court of Appeal is final and Vraniskovski has 8 days to submit himself for serving the sentence. As 'Dnevnik' informs, Vraniskovski said that he is ready to go to prison and that he has intention to finish his PHD at the Faculty of Theology in Thessalonica while serving his sentence. Vasko Gjorgiev, the legal representative of Vraniskovski, said that he would appeal to the Supreme Court and the Court in Strasburg. According to 'Dnevnik', the public in Bitola generally approved the sentence passed by the Court. Vraniskovski's supporters from the so-called 'Ohrid Archbishopric' said that sometimes a sentence can be regard as award and recognition. A1 TV informs that Vraniskovski has been sentenced for committing several criminal acts last year through distribution of Church calendar and propaganda material, as well as holding masses in an apartment in Bitola. He was convicted of issuing slanders against the Macedonia Orthodox Church (MOC) and violation of citizens' religious feelings. In January 2004 Vraniskovski was in custody for 20 days, after which the Primary Court sentenced him to 18 months imprisonment. The lawyers of Vraniskovski appealed against the verdict, but the Court of Appeal confirmed the prison sentence. Vraniskovski was also sentenced to probationary 12 month imprisonment for breaking into the MOC churches. A1 TV informs that the Public Prosecutor in Bitola, Stefce Tasevski, said that he would additional review whether to activate Vraiskovski's probationary prison sentence. If the probationary sentence is activated, Vraniskovski is to serve 30 months in prison."

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