The Macedonian Tendency: Serbs of Macedonia Caught in the Middle

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Serbs of Macedonia Caught in the Middle

It is very interesting that some Serbs have rejected the Serbophile Priest Jovan, but it does not discuss his support among other Serbs in Skopje and Kumanovo, not to mention his support among Macedonians … if any. I have yet to read a good article in English about Jovan and his supporters. If I can’t find it, then neither can the BBC or CNN.

Reality Macedonia : Veles: Serbs Dump Jovan: "Source: Dnevnik, June 3, 2005 (Direct link)

Veles: Serbs Dump Jovan

The Serbian community in Veles denounced the decisions of the Serbian Orthodox Church for recognition of the so-called Orthodox Ohrid Archbishipric of the defrocked episcope Jovan. Serbs from Veles claim that they remain in the Macedonian Orthodox Church and that they will attend its temples in regard to their religious needs.

'We thank Vranishkovski and his archbishopric for their wish to represent us, but we refuse their services. The decision to create a new church only managed to cause dissatisfaction among the local Serbs, because it endangered their good relations with their friends, relatives and neigbors,' stated Vlastimir Jovic, member of the Local board of the United Serbian Community from Veles.

Jovic reminded the public that members of the Board participated in banishing Zoran Vranishkovski from the Povardarska Eparchy of MPC."

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