The Macedonian Tendency: Some Nice Words for Macedonia in the UK Parliament

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Some Nice Words for Macedonia in the UK Parliament

If there were more people like Hon. John Randall in the parliaments of Europe, the Balkans would not be in the mess that they are in today. Good work John!

House of Commons Hansard for 18 May 2005: "UK House of Commons Hansard

May 18, 2005

Excerpt on Macedonia from the Hon. John Randall

(Submitted by Metodija Koloski)

A slightly happier part of the region is Macedonia. My hon. Friend the Member for North Dorset (Mr. Walter) talked about countries that hope to join the EU. Often when that subject is discussed Macedonia is not mentioned, yet Macedonia is making good progress toward joining the EU and has lots of things going for it. I believe that the Government's position is that they look forward to accepting Macedonia into the EU when it has met all the criteria. Macedonia has done a lot to solve some of its internal problems—like many Balkan countries, it has a diverse population—and I consider it a model of what can be achieved."

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