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Saturday, June 25, 2005 - Collision Course: NATO, Russia and Kosovo

I don't think that I will buy this book, but the review of the book by Christopher Deliso is excellent, especially his analysis of the International Crisis Group, one of the premiere pseudo human rights groups in the world. It is a must read. - Collision Course: NATO, Russia and Kosovo: "Book reviews: Collision Course: NATO, Russia and Kosovo

By John Norris

Praeger, 2005, 334 pp.

Reviewed by Christopher Deliso

Collision Course: NATO, Russia and Kosovo gives an unprecedented inside view of the planning and conduct of NATO’s 1999 bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. Written by John Norris, the former communications director for Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, this recently released work traces the chronology of decisions and events made by all of the key political players involved. With his enviable access to the communications and meetings held between US, European, Serbian and Russian diplomats, Norris is able to weave a riveting narrative that provides access to the minds and motives of those who crafted the war

...t’s important to note from the outset that Collision Course is an establishment work, and its author and key sources were and are cheerleaders for an intervention and occupation that have led to humanitarian horrors, local mafia consolidation of power, and the imminent betrayal of UN Resolution 1244, which guaranteed that Kosovo would remain a part of Yugoslavia. Despite the analytical critiques Norris makes of poor decision-making and infighting among Clinton officials, the rationale for intervention itself is never seriously questioned, except when it is referred to in order to cast doubting allies (and especially Russia) in a bad light.

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