The Macedonian Tendency: EU Rep to Macedonia to Stay for One Last Dance

Friday, June 17, 2005

EU Rep to Macedonia to Stay for One Last Dance

Michael Sahlin is the current EU representative to Macedonia. Some jouranilst in skopje should ask him to put on the record his position of the macedonan ,minority in greece. He is been around the Balkans for a long time since his previous posts have included serving as Swedens Ambassador in Belgrade and Skopje and he was also State Secretary at the Ministry of Defence in 1992 when Sweden helped set up a preventive military force in Macedonia (UNPREDEP


'EU plans to extend the mandate of the special representative in Macedonia Mihael Sahlin, in charge of monitoring and implementing the Framework Agreement. EU also seriously considers for new mandate of the police mission 'Proxima'', stated diplomatic source for 'Vreme'.

'Mihael Sahlin's mandate expires 31st August, but there is possibility the mandate to be extended until the end of the year, due to uncompleted obligations from the Framework Agreement. 'The mandate of 'Proxima', which expires the end of December 2005, could be extended for another six months or a year, due to the uncompleted reforms in the police and the latest problems in Kondovo', stated the same diplomats.

According to 'Vreme', Sahlin confirmed that Brussels reviews this plans, but added that it is too early to make more concrete statements. According to A1 TV, the latest events in Kondovo and the dispute regarding the law for symbols of the ethnic communities are the reasons due to which EU considers extending the mandate of the EU special representative and 'Proxima'. The departure of Mihael Sahlin and 'Proxima' was previously announced and unofficial sources from the Government say that there are no changes regarding the matter. The Government is yet to make any official statements regarding the issue, informs A1 TV."

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