The Macedonian Tendency: Hellenism is Racism (continuted)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hellenism is Racism (continuted)

This is such a whiney and pathetic lament, I almost felt sorry for this sorry Greek. I enjoy reading articles from this group because they are a unique combination of bravado and "woe is me". I almost wish that Greece would treat the Turks in Thrace they way they have treated their ethnic Macedonian minority. We can read the articles on how evil the Turks are because they retaliated by expelling the Ecumenical Patriarch from Istanbul ... (not Constantinople).

Hellenic News of America:

"Time has come for Philhellenes and Greeks to come to the aid of a wounded country, helping her to recover her Hellenic spirit so evident in the opening ceremony of the 2004 Athens Olympics. Only then Greece will be in a position to claim its dignity and hegemony, putting the church in its place, and saying no to the Slavs trying to legitimatize their stolen Greek cultural property in the name of Macedonia. Finally, a proud Greece that knows herself ought to be able to stand up for her sovereignty, ending any Turkish privileges she has granted to the Turks living in Thrace, and shooting down any Turkish aircraft violating her Aegean air space.

E.G. Vallianatos is a writer with a doctorate in Greek history. His forthcoming book is “This land is their land: How corporate farms threaten the world.” "

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