The Macedonian Tendency: All "Yugoslav" film

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

All "Yugoslav" film

Funding for this film was recieved from all the former Yugoslav republics. Even Albanians in Kosovo cooperated in making this film. Yugoslavia revisited in unique film project

By Matthew Robinson

PESTANI, Macedonia (Reuters) - High on a Macedonian mountainside, a unique collaboration is under way among the countries that once made up Yugoslavia, to revisit the calm before the storm that tore them apart.

Karaula, or "Border Post," is the first film co-financed and co-produced by all the former republics of the socialist federation since war broke out in Croatia in 1991 and was followed so fiercely by the Bosnian conflict a year later.

"This is a story which is more or less our collective memory," Croatian director Rajko Grlic says of the film, about life in a dysfunctional Yugoslav army border unit in 1987.

"We're playing with that memory and trying to find out why and how war came so easily to this part of the world," he told Reuters one week into filming above the vast Lake Ohrid that spans the Macedonian-Albanian border.

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