The Macedonian Tendency: Better Late Than Never

Friday, June 24, 2005

Better Late Than Never

Before NATO tanks were allowed to cross Greece on the road to Kosovo, NATO signed an agreement to pay for any road damage. Six years later, they are getting around to fixing the Macedonian bridges. Plus Macedonians cannot bid on the contracts. Watch the majority of the contracts go to Greek firms to strengthen Greek over the Macedonian economy. Nice!

NATO to Repair 60 Bridges in Macedonia ( "NATO to Repair 60 Bridges in Macedonia


NATO is investing 34m euros to help reconstruct bridges in Macedonia damaged during the intervention in Kosovo.

By Zoran Nikolovski for Southeast European Times in Skopje – 21/06/05

The bridges are located along routes used by NATO convoys for the needs of troops in Kosovo. [Getty Images]

On 14 June, NATO and the Macedonian government signed a memorandum of understanding on a grant for reconstruction and recovery of road infrastructure. Specifically, 35m euros will be invested in repairing 60 bridges damaged during the intervention in Kosovo.

... Signing of the memorandum initiates the bidding process. Only companies in NATO member states are eligible to apply for the tender or to be chosen as the main contractor, but Macedonian construction firms could be chosen as subcontractors.

Blease said he hopes some local firms would be selected, though he cautioned that this option is not always available in countries that have yet to become NATO members. The transport and communications ministry has already submitted a request to the NATO Infrastructure Committee to allow for such an opportunity."

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