The Macedonian Tendency: New Macedonian Film "Mirage"

Friday, June 24, 2005

New Macedonian Film "Mirage"

I hope this Macedonian fim actually makes it to North American.

indieWIRE Insider > Picture This! Acquires Toronto Film, "Mirage":

"Picture This! Entertainment announced today the company’s acquisition of North American rights to Svetozar Ristovski’s SXSW '05 U.S. premiere feature, 'Mirage' (Ilujiza), from Small Moves Ltd. The company plans a November 2005 theatrical release.

Based on an original screenplay by Ristovski and Grace Lea Troje, 'Mirage' tells the story of Marko, a young boy tortured by a tumultuous home life and bullies at school. A microcosm of the lawlessness and corruption extant in post-Balkan War Macedonia, MIRAGE provides one chance for Marko to escape when his teacher encourages him to enter a poetry competition in Paris. But when the teacher later dashes the boy’s hopes and dreams, Marko seeks guidance from another role model: a mercenary who tells him he must “either eat or be eaten.”"

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