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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

If I Had a Hammer, I Hammer in the Morning ...

If anyone wants to know why the people of Europe are against the new EU constitution, even if the politicians are for it, they should read this article. Herr Schroeder says that Macedonians have to be nice children if they want to join the EU, while Greeks can piss on the books of their classmates, but still not be sent to the principals office. Where’s the outrage, where's the humanity, where’s the justice, where’s the F%@&ing bathroom!

Schroeder slams critics of EU Balkan enlargement

8 June 2005

BERLIN - German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Wednesday attacked "populists" for seeking to destroy the European Union with a bid to prevent the bloc's enlargement in the western Balkans.

Schroeder, at a news briefing with Macedonian prime minister Vlado Buckovski, said the example of Macedonian stability was closely linked to its prospects for membership in the European Union and Nato.

The chancellor warned that ending these perspectives would fuel instability and he accused EU sceptics of using the rejection of EU constitution by French and Dutch voters in a bid to wreck the entire Union.

"Instability is much more expensive," said Schroeder in reply to a reporter who
asked how enlargement into the region could be funded, adding: "You would be amazed if I told you how much the current situation in the Balkans with European soldiers costs."

Prime Minister Buckovski said being on track for closer EU and Nato ties was a crucial message of his government which helped counter extremists.

Schroeder, however, was wary about naming any concrete timetable for the admission of western Balkans nations to either the EU or Nato.

"This will vary greatly ... because the political and economic developments in the Balkans vary greatly," said Schroeder, adding: "I cannot tell you how long negotiations will take."

The chancellor praised Macedonia as being a frontrunner in the region, but he added that Buckovski's government needed to make more progress in privatisation and on domestic reforms.

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