The Macedonian Tendency: So many Errors, So Little Time!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So many Errors, So Little Time!

By David Edenden

Journalists are not in a hurry to correct their mistakes. Virginia Hefferman should know that Serbians and Croatians do not flood Youtube about the Macedonian "name" issue. Macedonians do and they do it in Macedonian, not Serbo-Croatian. Correction sent to the Time, receipt acknowledged, no action.
Internet Video - Media - YouTube - New York Times:
Virginia Heffernan - The Medium - Television

"The historical pedantry on display in another much-discussed clip, “Macedonia Is Greece,” in which placards of factoids and photos of regional maps are marshaled to contend that no part of the former Yugoslavia should call itself Macedonia, has triggered a flood of responses in Serbo-Croatian and Greek."
The American Film Institute has Macedonia wiped off the map, but it has redeemed itself by commenting on that THE GREAT WATER is Macedonia’s official Oscar® selection for Best Foreign Language Film.
AFI presents its 20th annual European Union Film Showcase, a first-class selection of films from EU member states including US premieres, film festival award winners and box-office hits.

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