The Macedonian Tendency: The Truth on the Kurds from the NYTimes

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Truth on the Kurds from the NYTimes

By David Edenden

This is quite a remarkable few sentences about the plight of Kurds in Turkey which are rarely discussed by the main stream media, in the same way that the plight of Macedonians in Greece is rarely discussed.

I should be satisfied with Sabrina's efforts, but I am not. What is really interesting to me is for her to interview all the posers working for those pseudo-human rights groups such as Albright, Bugajski, and Gareth Evans. What were they doing when the Turks were putting the boots to the Kurds. Now that's news!
As Kurds’ Status Improves, Support for Militants Erodes in Turkey -
New York Times:

Published: November 2, 2007

KIZILTEPE, Turkey, Oct. 31 — Ten years ago, Turkey ran the Kurdish region here in its southeast like a police state. All signs of Kurdish identity — the language, music, national dress — were strictly banned and subject to punishment. Checkpoints were everywhere. Going out after dark was forbidden."

Today, Kurdish is heard on the streets and in shops, Kurdish satellite TV is legally beamed into homes, and Kurdish holidays are celebrated publicly. The improvements occurred after a 25-year war for Kurdish rights subsided, and are largely a result of legal changes Turkey made to qualify for the European Union.

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