The Macedonian Tendency: Stéphane Dion to Macedonians: Drop Dead!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stéphane Dion to Macedonians: Drop Dead!

By David Edenden

Below is a Liberal press release regarding Canada's recognition of Macedonia. I have ceased to be appalled or amazed at the action of politicians to pander to politically powerful interest groups, in this case the Greek lobby.

What I have tried to do is understand the mechanics of the process by which reasonably intelligent and thoughtful academics like Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff can turn into rabid appeasers of racism without a second thought.

It's a mystery I tell ya!

Conservatives Unnecessarily Divide Canadians and Bypass the United Nations on FYROM Question :: Media Releases:

September 25, 2007
OTTAWA – The Conservative government’s decision to recognize the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as the Republic of Macedonia is yet another example of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s simplistic and unilateral approach to foreign policy, Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic Ujjal Dosanjh said today.

Stéphane Dion to Greek Lobbyists: Thank you for using Vaseline!

“Mr. Harper's decision to unilaterally bypass the process of negotiation endorsed by the United Nations to deal with this contentious issue has unnecessarily divided Canadians and shows his complete disregard for the nuances of international affairs,” said Mr. Dosanjh. "Canada has no place unilaterally inserting itself in an ongoing debate between other nations."

The Balkan nation has been known as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by the United Nations since its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. The nation and others in the region have been involved in UN-led negotiations for a mutually acceptable name since 1993.

The previous Liberal government respected the international compromise that led to the use of the name Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. While the issue of this name continues to be the subject of on-going negotiations, the Liberals continue to respect the decision reached and endorsed by the UN.

Now, in what they have characterized as an administrative move, the Conservatives have decided to follow President George W. Bush’s policy to bypass the United Nations-led negotiations and unilaterally use the name the Republic of Macedonia.

“There has been no proper notification of this change – we had to learn about this development from a foreign government rather than our own. This is not a responsible way for the Government of Canada to conduct foreign affairs,” said Mr. Dosanjh.

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