The Macedonian Tendency: Let's Everyone in the Balkans Sing Kumbya

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Let's Everyone in the Balkans Sing Kumbya

By David Edenden

Another great article on the "Joint History Project in The Balkans". These guys are on the side of the Angels, bringing all the people of the Balkans together to work on a project to dispel myths and misunderstandings.

However, the members of the Greek Issues Caucus are agents of the devil, enablers of racist stereotypes against ethnic Macedonians. See Kumbaya

To avoid 'us vs. them' in Balkans, rewrite history | "

Ask a Greek student of history, and you'll likely hear of the event as the tragic fall of a great Christian city. Ask a Turk, and you'll probably hear of the glorious conquest for a rising Muslim empire.

In this still-fragile region, history is often served up as a nationalistic tale that highlights the wrongs perpetrated by others. Now a group of historians from across the region is trying to change the way the past is taught in southeast Europe – from Croatia to Turkey – in an effort to encourage reconciliation rather than division.

'History plays an important role in shaping national identity,' said Christina Koulouri, the editor of a series of new history textbooks and a professor of history at the University of the Peloponnese in Greece. 'We want to change history teaching because we are concerned about the joint future of the Balkans and we think mutual understanding can be promoted through better history teaching.'

More than 60 scholars and teachers from around the Balkans have joined to create a new series of history books that tackle some of the most controversial periods in the region. The books, which are being translated into 10 regional languages, present history from various perspectives and excerpt historical documents to challenge interpretations of key events like the Ottoman conquest"

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