The Macedonian Tendency: Some EU and Nato Countries "Say" Macedonia

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Some EU and Nato Countries "Say" Macedonia

By David Edenden

This is an article from September from the Greek daily Kathimerini. What struck me was that Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and Estonia already recognize Macedonia by its name, thereby breaking EU solidarity of a foreign affairs issue.

What this all means, I don't know.
Greece should assent with bad compromise Athens
Kathimerini via Makfax vesnik:
Friday, 28.09.2007

Long is the list of countries that are about to recognize Macedonia's constitutional name, and Greece should resign to fate with unfavorable compromise on the name issue, Kathimerini daily said. The pro-government Kathimerini daily says in the footsteps of Canada many countries will recognize the country's constitutional name, including South Korea, Indonesia and one Scandinavian country.

Greece's allies in the European Union (Britain, France, Germany), side-by-side secretly and silently did what Canada had done officially.

Other countries, such as Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and Estonia, had already recognized Macedonia by its constitutional name,' Kathimerini said. The paper regrets that Athens failed to convince anybody, not even the 'Cyprus brothers', over Greece's position on the name issue.

In the current development of events - Macedonia's likely membership in NATO and the Kosovo status settlement - Greece turns its back and we should all assent with the idea that an unfavorable compromise will be imposed on us, the pro-government daily Kathimerini said. /end/"

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