The Macedonian Tendency: Rehn Says Just Enough to Destablize Macedonia

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rehn Says Just Enough to Destablize Macedonia

Olli Rehn should know better. If Rehn is a lawyer and is used to defending criminals, then he can sleep soundly at night, if not then he has must be using sleeping pills since he defends the Greek line that Macedonia must negotiate its ethnic identity.
Makfax vesnik:
Rehn - Name is bilateral issue, but impedes accession process

Brussels /6.11/ 14:10

The dispute on the name is a bilateral issue that impedes the process of Macedonia's accession to the European Union, said EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn.

Olli Rehn

"This is a long-term issue that needs to be resolved sooner rather than later. It is a bilateral issue and we encourage both sides to seek for solution under UN assistance. I hope we will finally find a light at the end of the tunnel, because it really poses as obstacle in the accession," Commissioner Rehn said in Brussels.

Rehn gave the statement as an answer to a journalist's question on the name dispute and its eventual consequences on the Macedonia's approximation to EU.

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