The Macedonian Tendency: Makfax Spreads Greek Propaganda Again

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Makfax Spreads Greek Propaganda Again

By David Edenden

These Greek politicians should have their feet to the fire explaining their position of human rights for Macedonians in Greece. This article is worse that a waste of time. It is Greek propaganda pure and simple and it is shameful that Makfax is spreading it without comment.
Greece and Macedonia to communicate as friends
Makfax vesnik
Skopje /07/11/ 16:53

"We should increase the level of trust between Macedonia and Greece in the spirit of good neighborly relations and talk to each other like friends."

This is the key message of Alexandros Alavanos, the President of the Greek Coalition of the Leftists and Progress (Synaspismos), who held talks with Macedonian state officials in Skopje today.

"We don't share the same position on some important issues, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't sit down at the same table and discuss as friends the regional and bilateral problems," Alavanos said after the meetings.

He added that all contacts among political parties, civic organizations and local authorities would be useful to create a climate of confidence "in order to reach a joint solution."

"The President of Synaspismos stressed that the dialogue is the only way to overcome the problems and differences on any issue," says the announcement released by the Cabinet of the Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski after the meeting with Alavanos.

The Greek MP also held talks with the Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki, representatives of SDSM and of the Socialist Party of Macedonia.

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