The Macedonian Tendency: Unanimous For Nato

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unanimous For Nato

By David Edenden

I hope that all goes well in Macedonia's long trek to join Nato. We have put all our eggs in one basket. George Bush has been good to us, but the Democrats now hold the Congress and likely the US presidency in November 2008. It does not look good for Macedonia since the Greek Issues Caucus and the Albanian Issues Caucus have huge influence in the Democratic Party.
Macedonian Parliament adopts declaration in support for NATO membership

"SKOPJE, Macedonia -- Parliament unanimously adopted a declaration Tuesday (June 19th) in support of the country's accelerated admission to NATO. The document, submitted by independent member Gjorgji Orovcanec, stresses the broad political consensus for membership and urges the government to speed up reforms related to the NATO integration bid. Expanding the Alliance, it adds, would help create conditions for sustainable peace in the Balkans. The declaration is being forwarded to all NATO member states. (MIA, A1 TV, Makfax - 19/06/07)"

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