The Macedonian Tendency: Makfax Helps Spread Greek Propaganda

Monday, June 25, 2007

Makfax Helps Spread Greek Propaganda

By David Edenden

Makfax is a news agency in the Republic of Macedonia that reports on the Balkans.

I have contacted Makfax many times to encourage them not to just repeat the propaganda of the Greek government , but to provide background information, comment from Macedonian officials or Macedonian pundits or any explanation of the Macedonian side of the dispute.

Below you will notice that Makfax simply repeats without any attempt to rebut the lies of Papandreou. By doing this, Makfax harms the interests of the Macedonian people and the Republic of Macedonia. Please email them to stop doing that!

In italics and with relevant links, I have added a few sentences to better inform the reader.

Papandreou issues warning to Macedonia
Makfax vesnik: "

Athens /25/06/ 14:15

The biggest opposition party in Greece - PASOK warned Skopje to leave the intransigent position and contribute to finding a mutually acceptable solution.

PASOK's leader Yorgos Papandreou said last Saturday that Skopje's behavior was incomprehensible as were the actions and statements which, according to him, were in collision to the Skopje-Athens Interim Agreement.

The opposition leader pointed out that the solution on the name of Macedonia should be reached in mutually acceptable fashion and the agreed name should be fit for international use.

'Nationalism is a bad adviser', said Papandreou, adding that the international law should be taken into consideration as well."

More than two thirds of the countries of the world have recognized the Republic of Macedonia by its constitutional name and Greece has come under pressure by human rights organizations to recognize its own ethnic Macedonian minority and grant them basic human rights.

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