The Macedonian Tendency: Matthew Nimetz: The CIA is on Macedonia's Side!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Matthew Nimetz: The CIA is on Macedonia's Side!

By David Edenden

This is an old post from 1996 regarding a secret CIA report that was leaked to the the Greek TV station "Antenna". Maybe Matthew Nimetz can ask the CIA to declassify it and use it as a basis for negotiation. Good fun!

MILS- CIA Report Alexander the Great NOT Greek-
bit.listserv.hellas | Google Groups:

CIA - GREEK-MACEDONIAN DISPUTE BECAUSE OF MACEDONIAN LAND The secret study of the CIA reads that Alexander the Great was not Greek, and that the current problems between Macedonia and Greece are not only because of the origin of this emperor. This information, presented by the Greek TV station 'Antena', and reported by 'Makfax' agency, continues that the content of the document explains the attitude of Washington in the Greek-Macedonian dispute.

The report also reads that Alexander the Great and Macedonians at that time were Illyrians and enemies to Greece, and that Macedonia was not Greek. The authors claim that Greece refuses to recognise Macedonia not only because of the ancient emperor, but also because of its fear that Macedonia might require a returning of its predecessors' land and a compensation for the violence in the past. Greeceis also afraid, reads the report, that Macedonians might ask for their homes to be returned to them, which might become one of the most serious issues in this part of Europe.

The report ends with the statement that, after the Second Balkans War, 'a policy of Hellenisation was applied in the Aegean Macedonia, and hundreds of thousands Greeks were settled in the area.'"

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