The Macedonian Tendency: Crvenkovski to Meet Aussie Students

Friday, June 22, 2007

Crvenkovski to Meet Aussie Students

Cool School: Reservoir District Secondary College | Herald Sun:

"THOUSANDS of secondary school students trek overseas each year to broaden their minds and enhance their language studies. But Reservoir District Secondary College students must be the first to get a presidential welcome.
Eighteen students are touring the new Republic of Macedonia and central Balkans this month and will meet President Branco Crvenkovski and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

Year 11 student Zoran Mitrevski, 16, says he was shocked when he heard about the special treatment.

“You wouldn't come to Australia and get a welcome like that,” he says.

Principal Robin Lockington says the meeting with the president was made possible through the school's close ties with the local Macedonian community and Embassy.

“From what we've been told, this is the first organised school trip to the new Republic of Macedonian,” Lockington says.

He says the year 9-12 students, who all study Macedonian, will get the chance to understand another culture and see how other people work and operate.

“These students will operate in a very different vocational world to what we have,” Lockington says.

“Australia is now part of the international community. By visiting other countries, it broadens their horizons about what's involved.


  1. I'm very surprised to learn the Australian secondary school from Reservoir had made the trip to Macedonia. As a Melbournian myself, there are far more large numbers of Macedonians in other schools in areas of Keilor, Taylor's Lakes, Preston and Mill Park etc. Perhap's other schools may call for the same?

    I think it's a great initiative for the young teenagers. Who knows, one of them or more may be an entrepreneur and invest in Macedonia or take a political path and help strenghten the country.

    I wish them success in their studies. Only through hard work will success be achieved. Macedonia requires hard working intellectuals (even from the diaspora) which will only impact its economical and cultural future.

  2. Well, they wanted it to happen and asked the community for it to happen and it happened! Fantastic news!

    I understand their special treatment and visits are thanks to the local VMRO-DPMNE reps in Melbourne and their close ties with the (VMRO-DPMNE led) Government. It's great to see the community getting it's act together and working positively.

    Again, fantastic news and hopefully only the first of many, many more in the coming years. Hopefully these students remember this trip positively and visit Macedonia again in the coming years, keeping to their roots.