The Macedonian Tendency: Sir Ivor Roberts: Share Kosovo

Friday, June 22, 2007

Sir Ivor Roberts: Share Kosovo

By David Edenden

Partitioning Kosovo makes good sense. Those in favor of independence make no sense.

"Ambassador Roberts: Division of Kosovo - only option"
Makfax vesnik:

London /20/06/ 16:23

The solution on Kosovo should be sought in some kind of division that will left both sides equally discontented, said Sir Ivor Roberts, a former British Ambassador to Serbia and current President of Trinity College, Oxford.

In an interview with BBC, he said it would be much better 'to divide the province and inflict pain to both sides than to adopt the absolutistic decree of Martti Ahtisaari.

When BBC's journalist asked if the divisioSave as Draftn of Kosovo wouldn't trigger Pandora's Box's opening and jeopardize survival of Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sir Roberts said: 'I think we should solve the problems one at a time, and Kosovo is the most urgent one'.

His stance is that the borders should be shifted 'if the existing ones do not provide sense of security and prosperity to the citizens'.

According to Sir Roberts, the multi-ethnicity is a coSave as Draftncept that should not be imposed or instigated.

'Everybody's talking about multiethnic states now. However, we had one already - SFRY, in which disintegration we from the West also took part. Therefore, we have to redouble our efforts and make sure that the newly established states do not endanger minorities' right', said the former British Ambassador to Se"

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