The Macedonian Tendency: Albanians Make Sicilians Look Good

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Albanians Make Sicilians Look Good

Thousands fear as blood feuds sweep Albania | International News | News | Telegraph: "Thousands fear as blood feuds sweep Albania

By Bojan Pancevski and Nita Hoxha in Tirana, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 12:39am BST 03/06/2007

Stuck in their cottage outside the northern Albanian village of Mnela, 14-year-old Flori Bardoku and his younger sisters watch suspiciously whenever anybody makes the hour-long journey up the path to their home.

The reason for their caution is understandable: while most of their trickle of visitors are villagers bearing food and gifts, they know that one day someone may come to kill them.

The four siblings and their mother have lived in fear of their lives ever since their father, Martin, killed his cousin's wife in Mnela after discovering her in bed with another man. He is serving 10 years in jail for her death, but in conservative rural Albania, justice is seldom served by courts alone. In accordance with ancient clan tradition, the murdered woman's brothers have declared a 'blood feud' against Bardoku's family - which means any of his nearest and dearest can be killed in exchange.

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