The Macedonian Tendency: Detroit is Trembling, Cars in Macedonia!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Detroit is Trembling, Cars in Macedonia!

"Iinitiative for assembling Chinese vehicles in Macedonia
Skopje, 14:14

Three models of Chinese vehicles that are likely to be assembled in Macedonia were presented in the premises of the bus production plant Sanos.

Two types of four-wheel vehicles and a limousine were presented. In addition, a family car that may be assembled in the Skopje-based factory too was displayed on a photograph

The vehicles are of GMC brand, manufactured by one of the leading companies for cars and trucks with annual turnover of $1.4 billion.

At today's presentation, the owner of Sanos, Slave Raspashoski, called upon the Macedonian government and the public in general to demonstrate understanding and give full support to this project.

He said that if all necessary licenses are provided and the regulatory process is completed quickly, the assembling of the vehicles might set out within the next six months.

The selling price of these cars would be 7.500 euros, i.e. 6.300, if the government lifts the excise tax. As many as 1.000 people would be employed to reach the projected production volume of 10.000 units in a year.

Sanos is a plant engaged in production of buses with respectable tradition, which was called FAS 11 October in the communist era. After several-year hiatus in t"

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  1. This is extremenly positive news and I believe the MKD media has understimated the potential impact on the economy, if this gets off the ground. Asian vehicle manufacturers are always trying to get a slice of the European market and the Macedonian economy can do with a boost. If they reach the production target of 10,000 vehicles annually, you expect it to create a further thousand or two indirect jobs to support the plant ie. transportation, plastics, metal, leather production etc. Hopefully these may be local companies which may even (on the back of providing quality products/services for GMC) win some new business with other vehicle manufactorers in the region.

    I believe the government will have to support a major production as such with certain tax or other incentives similar to other countries ie. Aust government with Ford Motor Company.

    Hope this deal is signed and in production!