The Macedonian Tendency: Bush turning Kosovo into Macedonia's thorn-in-the-side

Monday, June 18, 2007

Bush turning Kosovo into Macedonia's thorn-in-the-side

So George W. Bush decided to push the Kosovo independence issue the other day? How does that as a Macedonian make me feel? Well, I wasn't a strong supporter of this guy in the first place (mostly my job would never let me support a Republican hint, hint). But many Macedonians where I live are because of three reasons: taxes, the name issue and not saying anything about Kosovo (or just keeping it out of the headlines). Many are now rethinking their support for this guy which I ask, why did you support him in the first place? He didn't know a Serb from a Bosnian from a Macedonian until Condi Rice gave him a history lecture about the Balkans in two hours at camp Crawford. For his updated knowledge, he named a little hill on his ranch "Balkan Hill" for his new acquired (and maybe conquered) knowledge. But I have to bring up an event that many have forgotten during the 2001 conflict.

Does anyone remember James Pardew? In 2001 he orchestrated the Ohrid agreement between Albanians and Macedonians to end the conflict. I never liked this guy because it was obvious he couldn't tell the difference between a Macedonian or an Albanian (reminds me of another Texas southerner hint, hint). Also, the agreement itself hasn't helped the situation and was unrealistic.

The other reason is obvious- Kosovo is being used in a bigger political game. They are being used in the whole quagmire the U.S. is involved with the Russians. The Albanians have no regret about being used as political pawns in the geopolitical game. We Macedonians already do not trust politicians to begin with, but this issue just further reminded many of us why we do not contribute to politics because you can be left out to dry. So I ask you fellow Macedonians out there, was that fun being used as pawns against the Serbs? The only other thing that could be worse is seeing Albanian-Buddy Joseph Biden getting elected and making Kosovo a front-page issue to which we Macedonians will then have to deal with the separatist calls in our homeland again. God help us all.

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