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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Speaking About Bouf ...

By David Edenden
I remember years ago, I invited a couple of friends to a Macedonian dance to celebrate some historic event. They were musicians and were fascinated by the Macedonian music which seemed, to them, to be very complex and unusual. They bought the CD from the band, The Boys From Bouf. (more) (more). A few years later, they were at a hotel for a dinner, after a conference, and they heard Macedonian music coming from one of the ballrooms. When they got to the elevator, a very young bride was waiting to go to her room.

My Friend: Is that a Macedonian band playing?

The Bride: Yes it is. I am Macedonian.

My Friend: Is it the "Boys From Bouf"?

The Bride: No, we couldn't get them because they were booked a year in advance. I am really upset, because I'm from Bouf!

So maybe Bouf is the center of Macedonia! (See Humor - What Does It Means to be a Macedonian)


  1. My cousin is one of the boys fronm bouf, I have been told that one family actually had their wedding in the middle of the week just so they could have the boys from bouf could play at the event. How proud am I of my cousin - I cannot put it into words....

  2. I don't know if this story is really true or were my friends just pulling my leg. I would love to hear from any bride from Bouf who could not book "The Boys from Bouf" for her wedding.

  3. My husbands family if from Bouf, I would like to buy the cd of the Boys from Bouf. How can I get it?

    Boufchani Navesta.

  4. They don't seem to have a webpage. I think if you contact the "Macedonian Human Rights Movement International" ( they should be able to put you in touch with them.

    MHRMI sells books and DVD's. They should be able to sell CD's from the boys from Bouf!

  5. I have known the Boys from Buf to travel to USA (they are based out of Hamilton and Toronto) because the family wants them.

    In fact, I booked my wedding and engagement around their availability to play that evening.

    And to those who are still interested in obtaining Boys from Buf CDs, contact me at

    Ted Nitchov