The Macedonian Tendency: Greek Embargo Won't Work This Time!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Greek Embargo Won't Work This Time!

Greece may threaten Macedonia with Embargo:
MINA Breaking News

Image Despite numerous financial scandals and economic difficulties facing Karamanlis' Government, Athens spent yesterdays and today's Parliament session dedicated to Macedonia.

All Ministers in the Greek Government were in agreement that Greece must send a stern response to "Skopje's provocations" on raising the issue for the rights and land of Aegean Macedonians.

Greek PM's Cabinet has received suggestions that besides its threats for blocking Macedonia's EU and NATO path, should also threaten with an embargo.

Karamanlis with his closest associates discussed the possibilities of implications regarding Greece's international image if Greek radical groups were to disrupt the Macedonian Ilinden Celebrations in the Forina (Lerin) region.

On Macedonia's request to return Greek citizenships, land and properties of forced out Macedonians from Greece, the Greek Government will send an official complaint to UN's General Secretary, as well as NATO and EU.

In response to the Greek Government, who still stands by its description as a pure homogenous state with no minorities, Macedonian Government Officials say "Athens doesn't have a choice to refuse or accept the topic of the Macedonian minority in Greece".

According to high Government Officials in Skopje, Greece must respect International Law and the Human Rights Conventions it had signed. The statements Greece puts forward of a non-existent Macedonian minority is ridiculous, in a situation when the European Himan Rights Court, European Council and other International Organizations treat the Macedonains in Greece as a national, and ethnic minority.

There is information coming out of Athens that Greek Experts are analyzing UN resolutions brought about during and after the Greek Civil War. We also find that Macedonia in conjunction with the Turkish Government is researching the Turkish State Archives.

The Turkish Government has granted complete access of their massive Archives to several Macedonian experts and historians who are looking at all documents tied to the Macedonians who lived and presently live in northern Greece.

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