The Macedonian Tendency: At Least One Frenchman Supports Macedonians

Monday, July 14, 2008

At Least One Frenchman Supports Macedonians

A Frenchman the biggest Macedonian Patriot?
A Frenchman the biggest Macedonian Patriot?

You better believe it. Robin Poupel continues to amaze Macedonians, at the same time drive the Greeks crazy.

We all met Robin when he wore red shirt with the Macedonian Sun in Athens, something not too many would dare to do

His Macedonian Shirt earned him a lengthy search by Greek Security, and no food or beverage while on Olympic Airways. Greek Airline refused to give him water & food...because of a Macedonian shirt!?

Back to Robyn Poupel. The man is on a mission. Everywhere he goes (China, California, Greece....) the Frenchman wears shirts with famous Macedonian symbols (the Sun, Lion.. of course, underneath the symbol says "Macedonia").

Who is Robyn Poupel? He is a recent graduate of the American College in Paris, with degree in Historical Sciences and International Politics. Has written numerous essays on Macedonia, Greece and International Politics.

He visited Macedonia 3 years ago, for the first time and since than has been very interested in Macedonian History and Culture. Robin posts images on his Facebook page about his trips, everywhere wearing the recognizable Macedonian shirts. Recently was also present at a World Affair, again wearing the Macedonian colors.

Robin Poupel, among many things calls on Greece to stop their lies because, as he says there were thousands of facts that Alexander the Great was not Greek, rather Macedonian. He continues to say that Greece has absolute hatred towards Macedonia and its Macedonian minority within Greek borders, and this will not change. Robin stresses on numerous places that Ancient Macedonians had nothing to do with Ancient Greeks, had different language and culture.

He has also applauded the recent release of Boskovski saying "justice has been served", at the same time asking for the release of Johan Tarculovski.

On his Facebook page, two maps can be found. Both of Macedonia. One in its present borders, the other in its pre-1913 borders including Pirin and Aegean Macedonia.

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