The Macedonian Tendency: New Book by Andrew Rossos

Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Book by Andrew Rossos

Macedonia and the Macedonians: A History
by Andrew Rossos:

June 26, 2008

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STANFORD— Macedonia, from antiquity to the present day, is surveyed by historian Andrew Rossos in Macedonia and the Macedonians: A History (Hoover Institution Press, June 200

8). Throughout recorded history, Macedonia has been a strategic and economic crossroads. “Although Macedonia figured prominently in history, it remained a little known land, virtual terra incognita, until the nineteenth century,” said Rossos.

The book reveals how the so-called Macedonian question has long dominated Balkan politics and how, for wellover a century and a half, it was the central issue dividing Balkan peoples, as neighboring nations struggled for possession of Macedonia and denied any distinct Macedonian identity—territorial, political, ethnic, or national.

Macedonia and the Macedonians shows how, during the long struggle for Macedonia, as some ethnic Macedonians adopted or had to adopt the national identity of one of the competing nations, most chose a Macedonian identity—and how Macedonia’s struggle to establish a distinct national identity goes on even today. The author concludes that Balkan acceptance of a Macedonian identity, nation, and state has become a necessity for stability in the Balkans and in a united Europe.

In Macedonia and the Macedonians Rossos offers a comprehensive and accessible view of this land and its people.

Rossos is a professor of history at the University of Toronto. He is the author of Russia and the Balkans: Inter-Balkan Rivalries and Russian Foreign Policy, 1908-1914 (1981). His studies on Macedonian history have also appeared in the Slavonic and East European Review (1991), the Slavic Review (1994), National Character and National Ideology in Interwar Eastern Europe (1995), the Journal of Modern History (1997), East European Politics and Societies (2000), and Yugoslavia and Its Historians: Understanding the Balkan Wars of the 1990s (2003).

Macedonia and the Macedonians is part of the Hoover Institution Press's acclaimed Studies of Nationalities series. The series examines the histories of the principal nationalities in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. It explores issues of identity and conflict, political and social organization, and modernization.

Macedonia and the Macedonians: A History
by Andrew Rossos

ISBN: 978-0-8179-4881-8 $40.00 cloth
ISBN: 978-0-8179-4882-5 $25.00 paper
367 pages June 2008

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