The Macedonian Tendency: July 2nd - Best Irish Pub in the World is Located in Kumanovo, Macedonia!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July 2nd - Best Irish Pub in the World is Located in Kumanovo, Macedonia!

By David Edenden,

This is another example of the unity between the Irish and Macedonian people. I read somewhere that in the 20's and thirties, VMRO was feared more that the IRA, which at least had some success in founding the Irish Free State.

Unlikely Entrepreneur Creates Macedonia’s First Authentic Irish Pub: "2/17/2007 (

By Christopher Deliso

At first, Mark Murphy’s story might seem common enough; Western peacekeeper stationed in the Balkans falls in love with local girl whom he meets on the job. However, what happened after for this Irish soldier and resident of Kumanovo, a city of 100,000 in Macedonia’s northeast, is much more remarkable. For rather than returning home with the emigrant native daughter, a scenario witnessed countless times since the Yugoslav wars of the 1990’s, Murphy stayed on to create a business, becoming an improbable investor in a small country by bringing a bit of his own culture to it- appropriately enough, in the form of an Irish pub, The Harp.

Although it has only been operating for about two months, The Harp has become a popular place. While Macedonia already has several Irish pubs, the new one of Kumanovo is the most authentic. Murphy spent loving attention to details, decking out the spacious, two-floor bar with clan insignia, Celtic symbols, Irish flags and, of course, Irish music. Unlike the many Macedonian cafés with their bland décor and identical pop or techno music, the Harp has a warmth to it reminiscent of what you might find "

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