The Macedonian Tendency: People Are Correct to Believe that Barack Obama is Half Muslim!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

People Are Correct to Believe that Barack Obama is Half Muslim!

By David Edenden,

Those who condemn American voters who believe that Barack Obama is at least "half Muslim" are silly and purposely naive.

In many places around the world, including some parts of the USA, your religion is part of your ethnic identity. In a real sense you are born Catholic, born Protestant, born Jewish, born Muslim. It is not a smear or a plot.

In Bosnia if a Muslim family converts to a Catholicism, many in Bosnia, Muslim, Catholic or Orthodox would still see them as Muslims.

In Northern Ireland, if someone converts to Buddhism and is stopped by thugs in a dark alley, here's how the conversation could go:

Thug: Are you Catholic or Protestant?
Victim: I am Buddhist!

Thug: Are you a Catholic Buddhist or Protestant Buddhist?

Being a Buddhist in this situation is not going to stop you from being knee-capped.

The Weekly Standard, home of the "Neo-Con Conspiracy" has, as one of its writers a Suffi Muslim whose name is ... wait for it ... Stephen Schwartz. Apparently Schwartz is half Jewish and was raised in a secular environment, so according to him... he was never Jewish. Tell it to the Marines ... most people in the US as well as the immigration officials for the State of Israel (for obvious reasons) still recognize him as Jewish.

Obama's task it to convince ordinary Christians and Jewish Americans that the religion of his birth, Muslim, will not affect his loyalty to his current religion, Christianity, or to that of his country.

Given that Barack Obama's father abandoned him while he was still a child ... it should not be too hard a task.

Barack Obama tries on a typical Kenyan AND Muslim robe of his father's tribe!

He looks so proud!

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  1. I do not agree with you, and think very little of your perspective. People do not automatically call others a religion just because of where they're from, especially not in America. Just because Barack Obama is half black does not make him half Muslim. Religion does not have anything to do with race. Religion is a set of ideals not a color of skin.