The Macedonian Tendency: Macedonian Troops Join Nato Exercises Planning For War Against Russia.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Macedonian Troops Join Nato Exercises Planning For War Against Russia.

By David Edenden

When Barack Obama is elected US president and then promptly adopts the Greek position on Macedonia, a la Sarkozy, will the Macedonia government beg Russia for help, or will it be too ashamed?

Nato is not a friend of Macedonia!
US, Ukrainian Troops Launch Maneuvers Near Russian Border:
VOA News -
14 July 2008

Ukrainian troops have joined their U.S. counterparts in NATO military exercises as tensions mount over the aspirations of former Soviet republics to enter the alliance.

The two-week NATO 'Sea Breeze' exercises along the Black Sea coast also include forces from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and key countries of western Europe. Turkey, Macedonia and Latvia are also participating. The exercises include naval and air maneuvers as well as large-scale armored exercises.

Separate maneuvers are being held this week in Georgia. Armenian, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian and U.S. troops are participating.

Small groups of anti-NATO protesters were reported encamped along the Ukrainian coast.

Ukraine and Georgia are actively seeking NATO membership, despite official warnings that Moscow will not tolerate an additional NATO presence on its borders.

Last month, Ukraine's pro-Western leadership hosted a NATO delegation, which was also confronted by several hundred anti-alliance protesters."


  1. This is a real shame how much we lick NATO's arses

    We should stop hoping that we will join NATO whatsoever and turn east.
    NATO is an evil organization which wants to rule the world and make slavic people constantly divided and hating each other.
    Obama is advised by Brzezinsky and this guy is saying that there is no such thing as Macedonians, sth like that does not exist. Shame on the government for not seeing this till now

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