The Macedonian Tendency: Transitions Online (RFE) ignores Macedonians in Greece

Friday, May 06, 2005

Transitions Online (RFE) ignores Macedonians in Greece

Transitions Online: A Capital Name

This is an article published by Radio Free Europe's "Transitions Online" and was written by Biljana Stavrova and Robert Alagjozovski who are are TOL correspondents in Skopje.

The article does a good job in summarizing some of the history of the name dispute, but as usual fails to mention the role that the Macedonians in Greece play in this ongoing soap opera. I do not know who Biljana and Rogert are. I assume that they are good Macedonians and have only omitted this information because their editor at Transitions Online would refuse to publish their article unless any mention of Greece's human rights record is deleted. Fair enough, they both have to put food on the table.

It just goes to show how a pseudo-human rights group such as the RFE can control the message in an anti-Macedonian fashion, while using Macedonian journalists.

Any former communist country who adopted the "Greek Position" on minority rights would be refused entry into the EU and Nato, while Greece gets a pass!

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